Welcome, hepcat or hepkitten, to my swanky home on the interwebs. 

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dana Deluxe, Gal About Town, Lady of Leisure, Purveyor of Vintage Oddities, Record Collector, and Full-Time Luxe Lover. Not to mention a girl with the ability to shake a chicken in the middle of the room. 

With adventures to be had, I scour the left coast and dirty south for the places that are overlooked and underloved. 

I am also joined in my traverse by many good Partners In Crime and Side-Kicks. You may seem some mentioned.

Sprinkled amongst my travels, I also enjoy an authentic sweet tea; a crackle of needle on vinyl; dressing to the nines; making new friends of all varieties; dancing; singing; hostessing extravagant dinner parties; drooling over traditional hot rods; rummaging in dirty thrift shops; and finding ways to make you laugh. 

All in all, I enjoy life to the max and want you to join in for the ride.

Dana Deluxe